Chandni Shah

What I Do

Artist who does both hair and makeup and also runs my beauty Salon and Spa “Lagoona London” where I do Haircuts, Salon Treatments and Spa.

I specialize in hair and makeup for print, television, movies, television commercials and other film media.


Who I Am

Chandni Shah, a renowned makeup artist, with an exceptional and unique style.

As a young artist, I am committed to going beyond the traditional. I studied makeup in London, specializing in Bridal and Fashion Makeup.

My approach to style is simple: “Using the right products in the right places to highlight a person’s best features and natural beauty”

I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and with a main spring to uplift this concept, I have been engaged in this profession to groom your beauty to help you look like the way you have always wanted to look.


My Work

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